xerox art

43 Walking (away from Portland) to Oregon City $7

$7 Postage Paid. “Walking (away from Portland) to Oregon City”. Xerox, Staple-less binding with 39X9″ fold-out relief poster.

33 Walking E. on Lombard $6

$6 Postage Paid. Walking E. on Lombard to reach PDX Airport. Reverse Xerox with tract, mirror and paper pouch. 2014. 16pages.

28 Oaks Roller Rink $4

$4 Postage Paid. Oaks Historic Roller Rink. Xerox and stamp on found paper. 2014. 16pages. 2nd Edition of 50. -Nate.

21 Sauvie Island $6

$6 Postage Paid. Sauvie Island. Xerox on paper. 2012. 28pages. 8.5X5.5″ closed. 1st Edition of 100. -Nate & Chris

19 Minor League Baseball Game $4

$4 Postage Paid. Eugene Emeralds vs. Spokane Indians. Xerox on found paper. 2011. 20pages. 3.5X4” Closed. 2nd Edition of 20.

10 Swan Island $6

$6 Postage Paid. Swan Island. Xerox and typewriter on paper. 2009. 16 pages. 8.5X5.5″ closed. 2nd Edition of 50. -Nate &

4 Chopsticks Karaoke Bar $4

$4 Postage Paid. Chopsticks Karaoke Bar/Last Night of Freedom. Xerox on paper. 2007. Variable pages with fold-out. 3.5X4”

2 Lloyd Center Mall $4

$4 Postage Paid. Lloyd Center Mall”. Xerox on found paper. 2006. Variable pages with foldout. 3.5X4″ closed. 2nd Edition of

1 My Day on the MAX $4

$4 Postage Paid. On the Max. Xerox on paper. 2005. 16 Pages. 3.5X4″ closed. 4th Edition of 45. -Nate