james yeary

46 Hollywood TC $6

$6 Postage Paid. Hollywood Transit Center.  Xerox, letterpress, collage. 9X6″ closed. 16 pages. 2019. Edition of 100. -Nate

36 Three Titles $10

My Day #36. Thee Titles. Letterpress, Linocut and xerox on found paper. Perfect Binding. 2015-16. 40 pages. -Nate & James

33 Walking E. on Lombard $6

$6 Postage Paid. Walking E. on Lombard to reach PDX Airport. Reverse Xerox with tract, mirror and paper pouch. 2014. 16pages.

29 Walking from N 45th $6

$6 Postage Paid. “Walking from N 45th to Reach Division Leap” 2014. Xerox, stamp, correction fluid on fold-out poster.