35 On the Max 10th Anniversary $4

$4 Postage Paid. My Day#35. On The Max Year 10. Xerox with classic “zine folds” and linocut on paper pouch. 2015. 1st Edition

34 Lyle Cherry Orchard $8

$8 Postage Paid. Walking to the Lyle Cherry Orchard. Xerox and Chine Colle on found paper. 2015. 36 pages. Edition of 90.

33 Walking E. on Lombard $6

$6 Postage Paid. Walking E. on Lombard to reach PDX Airport. Reverse Xerox with tract, mirror and paper pouch. 2014. 16pages.

32 Train to Train Museum $30

$30 Postage Paid. “Train to Train Museum”. 11 bound relief prints. 3X4″ closed. 2014. 1st Edition of 35. -Nate.

31 Kayaking from Sellwood to Swan Island $8

$8 Postage Paid. Kayaking from Sellwood to Swan Island. Xerox and cut-out with perfect-binding. 2015. 36pages. 2nd Edition of

30 Oaks Amusement Park $4

$4 Postage Paid. Oaks Amusement Park. 2014. Xerox, found ticket and letterpress on found paper. Variable size. Variable

27 Hoyt Arboretum $6

$6 Postage Paid. Hoyt Arboretum. Xerox and Letterpress on found paper with machine sewn binding. 2013. 20 pages. 7X4.25″

26 Oaks Bottom Nature Reserve $6

$6 Postage paid. “Oaks Bottom Nature Reserve”. Xerox on paper. 2013. 20 pages. 6X6.5″ closed. 2nd Edition of 50. -Nate.

25-East Portland $6

$6 POSTAGE PAID. “East PDX, 82nd, Maryrose and Eric. RAIN, Linda Austin”. Xerox on found paper. 2013. 8.5X5.5″ closed.

24 Old Town, China-town $10

$10 Postage Paid. Old-town and China-town. Xerox and Polyester Plate Lithography on found paper. 2013. 20 pages. 8.5X5.5″