45 Washougal River $10

$10 Postage Paid.“Washougal R. Washington” Offset, linocut and letterpress with hand-sewn binding. 9X6″ closed. 14 pages.

40 Driving The Dalles ORE to Lewiston IDA $6

$6 Postage Paid. Driving The Dalles ORE to Lewiston IDA. Xerox, Letterpress and Linocut on found paper. 16 pages. 2017. 1st

36 Three Titles $10

My Day #36. Thee Titles. Letterpress, Linocut and xerox on found paper. Perfect Binding. 2015-16. 40 pages. -Nate & James

My Day The First 10 Years $250

$250 postage paid. My Day Box Set. Issues 1-35. Letterpress Commemorative Broadside, Issue Catalog and Artist Bios inside