Handmade Charcoal

Figure Roller Skaters

Mixed media on board. 11.5X9″ 2018

Country Park

Oil and handmade charcoal on illustration board mounted on wood. 9X7″. 2018

Sunrise Over Train Tracks

Gouache on rag Paper. 2016. 8X7.5 inches.

Soccer Players in Empty Duck Pond

Charcoal, Casein and Gouache on rag Paper. 2016. 9X8.5 inches.

The Tramp

Brush Pen, Pencil, Correction Fluid on Rag Paper. 2015. 10.5X14 inches.

These Are Your Colors Too

Brush Pen, Gouache On Rag Paper. 2016. 8X10 Inches.

The Tramp

Handmade charcoal, weeds, glue on hardboard. 48X32 inches. 2012


Handmade charcoal, pencil, weeds on hardboard. 48X28 inches. 2012