My Day Books

Started in 2005, MY DAY is an ongoing self-published chronicle of Portland, it’s hinterlands and the greater Northwest. Nate spends a day drawing his surroundings often times accompanied by writers Chris Ashby or James Yeary. Since MY DAY #4, each issue has been constructed in a computer-free “cut and paste/xerox” style with combinations of letterpress, offset, relief, lithography, rubbings and/or pochoir. Nate strives to keep all issues in print and most can be purchased for under $10 each. MAY QUARANTINE SALE! ALL BOOKS ARE CURRENTLY IN PRINT AND CAN BE PURCHASED BY CONTACTING NATE THROUGH THE FORM AT BOTTOM OF SITE. See prices in each description.

7 Walking Across Portland $7

$7 Postage Paid. Walking from Mt. Tabor to the Zoo. Xerox, Letterpress, Found Trash and “Drug Bag” on paper. 2008. 16pages. 8.5X5.5″ closed. 3rd

6 Oregon City $4

$4 Postage Paid. Oregon City. Xerox on paper. 2008. 12 Pages. 4.25X5″ closed. 2nd Edition of 30.-Nate

5 East 247th Gresham to East 41st $6

$6 Postage Paid. Walking Across Portland, Vol. 1. Xerox on paper. 2008. 28pages. 4X5.5″ closed. 3rd Edition of 40. -Nate & James

4 Chopsticks Karaoke Bar $4

$4 Postage Paid. Chopsticks Karaoke Bar/Last Night of Freedom. Xerox on paper. 2007. Variable pages with fold-out. 3.5X4” closed. 2nd Edition of

3 Burnside Bridge $4

$4 Postage Paid. 12 Hours On, Under and Around the Burnside Bridge. Xerox on found paper. 2006. Variable pages with foldout. 3.5X4″ closed. 2nd

2 Lloyd Center Mall $4

$4 Postage Paid. Lloyd Center Mall”. Xerox on found paper. 2006. Variable pages with foldout. 3.5X4″ closed. 2nd Edition of 25. -Nate & Chris

1 My Day on the MAX $4

$4 Postage Paid. On the Max. Xerox on paper. 2005. 16 Pages. 3.5X4″ closed. 4th Edition of 45. -Nate