My Day Books

Started in 2005, MY DAY is an ongoing self-published chronicle of Portland, it’s hinterlands and the greater Northwest. Nate spends a day drawing his surroundings often times accompanied by writers Chris Ashby or James Yeary. Since MY DAY #4, each issue has been constructed in a computer-free “cut and paste/xerox” style with combinations of letterpress, offset, relief, lithography, rubbings and/or pochoir. Nate strives to keep all issues in print and most can be purchased for under $10 each. MAY QUARANTINE SALE! ALL BOOKS ARE CURRENTLY IN PRINT AND CAN BE PURCHASED BY CONTACTING NATE THROUGH THE FORM AT BOTTOM OF SITE. See prices in each description.

15 St Johns Bridge $6

$6 Postage Paid. On, Under and Around the St. Johns Bridge. Xerox and Letterpress on paper. 2010. Variable pages with fold-out and audio CDR.

14 82nd AVE

Currently unavailable outside of box set. “Walking the The Avenue of Roses/The 82nd Scrolls”. Xerox on paper. 2010. Variable Pages.

13 St Paul Rodeo $4

$4 Postage Paid. St. Paul Rodeo. Xerox on paper. 2010. 28 pages. 3.5X4.25″ closed. 2nd Edition of 45. -Nate

12 Walking Across Lewiston Ida $6

$6 Postage Paid. Walking across Lewiston, Ida. Xerox on paper. 2010. 18 pages. 8.5X5.5″ closed. 2nd Edition of 20. -Nate

11 Aimlessly Walking Vancouver, Wash $7

$7 Postage Paid. Aimlessly Walking Vancouver, Wash. Xerox and cut-out on paper. 2010. 16 Pages. 8.5X5.5″ closed. 2nd Edition of 45. -Nate & James

10 Swan Island $6

$6 Postage Paid. Swan Island. Xerox and typewriter on paper. 2009. 16 pages. 8.5X5.5″ closed. 2nd Edition of 50. -Nate & James  

9 Portland Central Library $6

$6 Postage Paid. Portland Central Library. Xerox and Letterpress on found paper. 2009. 16 Pages. 8.5X5.5″ closed. 2nd Edition of 38. -Nate &

8 Walking to Hillsboro $6

$6 Postage Paid. Walking to Hillsboro. Xerox on paper. 2009. 20 Pages. 8.5X5.5″ closed. 2nd Edition of 20. -Nate & James